Be known as an expert in your field

Kickstart 2013 is your opportunity to impress journalists with your knowledge and insight so they they come to you, looking for quotes and information in the future.

One of the characteristics of today's media environment is that topic-based stories, which generally have broader appeal than announcement-based news, work very well in online because they generate more traffic. However, journalists generally have less-time to write these pieces, so have a tendency to rely on known, trusted commentators in the industry for their insight and knowledge.

Kickstart Forum gives you the perfect platform to position yourself as one of these quotable experts. The combination of the five-minute presentation, followed by the round-table discussions, allows you to capture their attention and then impress with your knowledge and market insight.

Successfully achieve this and you'll receive a constant stream of publicity as journalists seek you out for comment.

Some of the companies that have presented at Tech Leaders Forum