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Build Relationships

Connecting with journalists is the key to successful media relationships. Writers that know who you are, and can trust that the information they receive from you, is fundamental to media relations. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to connect time-pressed executives with time-poor journalists.

At TechLeaders, you'll connect with more journalists than you could likely manage in a full year in just two days. 

More importantly, you'll also get the chance to spend time, building real relationships with journalists.

Expert status

One of the characteristics of today's media environment is that topic-based stories, which generally have broader appeal than announcement-based news, work very well in online because they generate more traffic.

However, journalists generally have less time to write these pieces, so have a tendency to rely on known, trusted commentators in the industry for their insight and knowledge.

TechLeaders is the perfect platform to position yourself as a quotable expert. The combination of the five-minute presentation, followed by the round-table discussions, allows you to capture their attention and then impress them with your knowledge and market insight. Successfully achieve this and you'll receive a constant stream of publicity as journalists seek you out for comment.

Raise awareness

Any company that needs to raise awareness of either itself or the market it operates in, faces a particular challenge.

Until you can capture journalist's attention, you cannot explain to them why your company or market is of significance. And until you can explain that, it's almost impossible to capture their attention.

TechLeaders helps you break past that conundrum. At this event, you will get your opportunity to present to journalists and then sit down with them and explain why they should be interested in what your talking about. TechLeaders guarantees you an audience, it's then up to you, to capture the journalist's attention.

Get coverage

​With over 30 journalists typically attending TechLeaders, it's inevitable that many journalists are going to find stories of interest that they write up then and there. Many of our returning vendors come to TechLeaders armed with announcements or pitches because let's face it, you'll never get a better opportunity to pitch a story.

And even if you don't get coverage directly from the event, the overwhelming feedback from the majority of vendors who attend is that they see the coverage flow on throughout the year as journalists return to them for quotes or to flesh out story ideas they've picked up at the event.

Media feedback

This event as the ultimate opportunity to lay a foundation for your future media announcements.


What you will also discover is real time feedback. If your core messaging isn't landing, or can be fine-tuned,

you will get that insight out of this event. It gives you the opportunity to go back and re-work your approach to the media, helping save money on announcements or launches that don't connect.

Vendor Benefits

TechLeaders is valuable because it sets up all of your future media interactions. You will build the key relationships and the media understanding to give your media outreach the best chance of success during the year ahead. 

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