Media Benefits

Grow your contact base, develop story ideas and have a bunch of fun doing it

Time-effective networking

How long would it take you to meet and greet approximately 40 IT executives and their PR representatives. If you were able to do it at all, it would likely take months?

At Kickstart, you'll meet that many contacts in just three days and just two away from the office. We put you in an environment where you get to meet new contacts, understand what their about and also get to know them better at our evening networking functions in a relaxed, social environment.


It's a truism that the better a journalist knows their subject matter, generally the better they are at their jobs. Unfortunately, journalists seldom get the opportunity to step back from their day-to-day reporting schedules to look at the bigger picture.

Understanding what is taking place across the broader IT sector will help any journalist to put new information in context. Kickstart Forum aims to alert you to new trends and technologies you should be watching out for and generally most of our journalists come away from the event with a large number of story ideas about topics they may not previously have considered.

All of this is done in a hugely time-effective, efficient manner, helping you to justify taking those couple of days away from the office to brush up on everything that is happening within the IT sector.