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Round Tables
Dive deep into your topic

You'll never get a better chance to dive deep into your topic with journalists and at the same time get invaluable feedback on how your messaging is being received.

We believe the most important part of the TechLeaders is the round-table discussions. It is here where you really get the chance to explore in-depth your topic and market with journalists and field questions.

  • Spend ten minutes talking with each group of journalists

  • Shake hands and meet every attending journalist

  • Impress with your depth of knowledge and understanding

  • Gain insight into how your message is being received

  • Answers questions and address any market misconceptions​

Once all of the presenters have given their five-minute introductions, we invite each speaker to sit down with a group of approximately six to eight journalists. Presenters will spend approximately ten minutes with each group, before moving onto the next group. This format ensures you get to personally meet and make a connection with every attending journalist.

If you've done a really good of hooking the journalists with an interesting presentation, you'll spend most of your time going deeper into the issue by answering journalists' questions. This achieves two objectives. You allow journalists to go deeper into the topics they are particularly interested in. And secondly, this will give you valuable feedback as to how your message and strategies are being received, which will provide a strong base of understanding for all your related future media communications initiatives.

Have more detailed information prepared, and it might be a good chance to talk about some relevant case studies or examples. We find it is during these round-table discussions that journalists will develop a lot of their future story ideas, so seeding ideas and story concepts should be a key objective during this time. 

If your company has more than one representative, it is common for more than one representative to participate in these round tables, and you're also welcome to have your PR representative sit with you, in order to ensure follow-up information is noted.

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