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‚ÄčMediaConnect is Australia’s most innovative media intelligence company and has been helping PR professionals better connect with journalists, and vice versa, since October, 2000.

We’re proud to say that hundreds of Australian PR professionals have fallen in love with our products and services in that time. We’ve also developed deep relationships and standing within the Australian media community. And today we stand as unarguably Australia’s most innovative and dynamic provider in the media intelligence market.

Our clients include many of Australia’s biggest PR agencies - approximately half of Australia’s Top 25 agencies are Influencing subscribers. We believe our base of subscribers represent Australia’s most progressive PR agencies - those who realise that to succeed in the future requires far more sophisticated PR workflows and processes than those that were used previously.

We’re also used by many internal PR departments who are proving you can do more with less through the adoption of services like Influencing. And our popular PRWire service is used by thousands of companies - from solo operators to Australia’s largest public companies. 

MediaConnect also runs a successful events business, by facilitating the kinds of connections we enable online to be extended into the person-to-person realm. The Kickstart Forum, which connects technology journalists and vendors, is legendary and our IT Journalism Awards recently brought up its ten-year anniversary.

We think there is no one in our industry who is more innovative. We believe our software platforms stand apart in the Australian market. We believe our data is better and more accurate. But when we look back at everything we have achieved, we believe it’s the very close relationships we enjoy with our clients that separates us from any other. We won’t rest until you are delighted with your experience with MediaConnect, so if you’d like to join our community, please get in touch!

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